Video Production Case Study

Budget: $10,000

Cosmetic Surgery Ad

Live Footage with Holographs

The Production...

Models were shot individually (couldn't get them in the same room together).

Footage was shot in 4k resolution on our Sony FS7. Even though we knew we were rendering only for normal 1080p HD, we shot in 4k so we had more flexibility in post production. For example, this enabled us to zoom in on some of the wider shots to the create closer shots you see here... no noticeable loss in resolution.

We composited both models together in post production and dropped them into the office environment, which was created in 3D.

The Holographic screen texture was designed in Photoshop, then modeled, textured, rigged, animated and lit using Maya.

Add sound design, and voila! Magic!

Oh, yeah... The tattoo on the girl at the start was tracked on digitally (not makeup!).

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