Video Production Case Study

National Personal Training Institute

The Project...

National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) needed a unique video presentation to introduce its training facility in Orlando, Florida.

NPTI's Marketing Director, Patrick Sherman, wanted to come up with a visual concept to illustrate the benefits of their 600 hour train-the-trainer program. After establishing the strategy for the project, the team crafted a direct-response script to motivate potential students to reach out to NPTI.

To enhance perception of value and maximize response rates, it was recommended NPTI re-brand their generic student information into a 'Free Career Planning Guide'. Similar re-branding tactics had been used by other companies with noticeable increase in response rates so the team was confident the re-branding would help NPTI improve ROI.

The project director decided to produce the project almost entirely with 3D animation, allowing for the individual visual elements to morph into the next, in order to create seamless visual continuity with the sales message being communicated in the voice-over.

The resulting video is short enough for those with low attention spans to finish watching the presentation, yet covers all of the facts essential to obtaining an initial response.

The video is now being leveraged on the company's website, on YouTube and in social media to generate new inquiries from potential students.

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What is The National Personal Training Institute?

Offered in beautiful Orlando, Florida, the residential program allows you to obtain your personal training diploma in just four months while living in one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. After hours and weekends are all yours to enjoy Central Florida’s exciting nightlife, theme parks and nearby beaches.

The 600-hour Personal Training Program was developed by Mr. Eugene McIlvaine, who has been in the trade school business since December of 1980. Currently, Mr. McIlvaine operates 29 personal training schools throughout the country. Since 1997, his programs have been committed to health and fitness.

We Teach You the Art of Sculpting Yourself and Others

The National Personal Training Institute is ready to push you to look and feel better. Your experienced instructors teach you the specialized knowledge and skills needed to prepare for an exciting career as a Personal Trainer.

We are committed to providing a high standard of education. We offer unique and comprehensive courses that give you the confidence to be a top-notch Personal Trainer and be prepared to enter the workforce. We hire only highly-qualified instructors. Our curriculum is geared to the needs of today’s health-minded people.

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