Standardized Pricing...

The prices below are for 2D, which is fairly predictable. If you need your graphics to move about in 3D space, or be tracked and integrated with live action, then we'll need to send you custom pricing. The same applies for all 3D modeling & animation.

  • 2D custom artwork, 30 seconds: $350
  • 2D Motion design/animation, 30 seconds: $750
  • Live footage editing with 2D motion graphic integration, 30 seconds: $750
  • Storyboards, 30 seconds: $100
  • 3D modeling & animation: Starting from $1000. Request specific pricing below
  • 2D or 3D animation, with 3D camera: request pricing below
  • Script writing; 30 seconds: $70 for simple explanation. $500 for direct response.
  • Sound design; 30 seconds: $150
  • Voice-over; 30 seconds: $70
  • Live action green screen shoot, 30 seconds, per actor: $1500 (includes audio & prompter, but not casting of specific actor)
  • Live action shoot outside of our studio: request pricing below

Send Me Custom Pricing...

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(Providing references from YouTube or other sites will help get you accurate pricing!)