Video Reseller Strategies

If you want to resell videos to your clients, here are some strategies to help you increase your sales.
  1. Make video marketing a part of your personal philosophy. e.g. "If you have a website, you cannot afford to not have a video". If you don't believe it, neither will they. If you have any doubt about the mandatory use of video, check out these video statistics and trends.
  2. Plan out exactly when you will make your video 'pitch'. The old saying is still true; If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Don't leave it up to chance, or how you feel at the moment. Build your video pitch into your system so it never gets forgotten or becomes an afterthought.
  3. Think about your backend revenue. i.e. After this project is complete, where is my money going to come from? We provide you with a proven product (videoADVANCE) to bring in consistent monthly payments. Be sure to educate yourself on why the tools in videoADVANCE are so indispensable to marketers.
In the next post, I'll explain 3 tricks that ever video reseller can use to improve closing ratios, and bring in the whales.